GoodMind Therapeutics Introduces a New ARTG-Registered* Nasal Spray Treatment in Australia

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At GoodMind Therapeutics, we explore innovative approaches to mental wellness, our clinic offers a new addition to our treatment options, the ARTG-registered* nasal spray. This new treatment is designed for  struggling with persistent emotional challenges and aims to improve mood regulation and overall well-being.

Our approach to mental wellness

Our clinic continuously seeks to pioneer in the mental health space by adopting cutting-edge and scientifically supported treatments. The introduction of a self-administered, ARTG-registered nasal spray under medical supervision represents our commitment to providing advanced therapeutic options. Backed by scientific research, this mental health plan has shown promising results in enhancing mood stability and offering relief in complex emotional conditions. It is important to understand, however, that it is not appropriate or beneficial for all patients.

The treatment process

The journey to using our nasal spray treatment begins with a comprehensive screening and assessment process to ensure the suitability and safety for each patient:

Initial Online Screening: Patients start their treatment journey by filling out an online screening form. This crucial first step helps identify appropriate candidates for the therapy, ensuring that the treatment aligns with their specific needs.

Telehealth Consultation: Following the screening, a telehealth appointment with a nurse practitioner is scheduled, priced at $149. This session allows for a detailed discussion of the patient’s medical history and current emotional challenges.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment: A deeper dive into the patient’s mental health is conducted through a psychiatric assessment by a psychiatrist, which costs $599. This evaluation is vital for tailoring the treatment plan to the individual’s requirements.

Cost and Medicare rebate information

Understanding the financial aspects of mental health care plan is important. Our clinic offers the possibility of Medicare rebates for both the nurse practitioner and psychiatrist assessments. Patients can receive approximately $44 back for the nurse consultation and $205 for the psychiatric evaluation, making the treatment more accessible.

Why choose GoodMind Therapeutics?

At GoodMind Therapeutics, we are dedicated to supporting our patients’ mental health journeys with the most effective and innovative treatments available. Our new ARTG-registered nasal spray is not just a medication option but a step forward in the personalised care and treatment of mental health disorders. We are committed to helping our patients navigate their way through emotional challenges with the latest in therapeutic innovations and compassionate care.

For individuals interested in this new treatment option or for more details on the screening process, please click here or contact GoodMind Therapeutics directly on 02 6190 0408 or email us at [email protected]. Let us help you take a proactive step towards better mental health.

*ARTG ID 311827



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