New ARTG-Registered* Nasal Spray Treatment

Exploring innovative approaches to mental wellness, our clinics also offer a novel self-administered treatment option for individuals seeking relief from persistent emotional challenges. This innovative therapy, utilising an ARTG- registered* nasal spray under medical supervision, supports mood regulation and improves overall well-being. Backed by scientific research, this approach has shown promise for some individuals navigating difficult emotional terrain.

The nasal spray program begins with an initial online screening form completed by each patient. This is followed by a telehealth appointment with a nurse practitioner and a comprehensive psychiatric assessment. The nurse practitioner assessment is priced at $149, while the psychiatrist assessment is $599. Patients will be eligible for a Medicare rebate (approx $44 for nurse practitioner and $205 for psychiatrist) for each appointment.

Cancellation fees apply for appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice.

This treatment option may also be available for Department of Veterans Affairs patients on a case-by-case basis, as well as eligible Workcover clients. The medication, tailored to individual needs, typically ranges from $600 to $900 per session, depending on the required dosage.

Treatment involves a structured schedule over three months, with ongoing support based on individual clinical response to treatment:

Month One (Induction Phase): 8 sessions
Month Two (Maintenance Phase): 4 sessions
Month Three (Ongoing Phase): 2 to 4 sessions, determined by response to treatment and personalised care plan, with continued support thereafter.

In addition to medication costs, each session includes a clinic fee of $400, which encompasses comprehensive administrative support, diligent monitoring, and thorough risk management to ensure the highest standard of care throughout your ongoing treatment journey.

Induction Month Cost (Week 1-4):

Month 1 - Induction - 8 sessions - 2 per week

Maintenance Month Cost (Week 5-8):

Month 2 - Maintenance- 4 sessions - 1 per week There may be options available to support the medication cost, which can be discussed with your doctor.

Ongoing Treatment Cost (Week 9 and Beyond):

Month 3 onwards - 1 session per week or 1 per fortnight depending on individual response to treatment. There may be options available to support the medication cost, which can be discussed with your doctor.

Pharmacy Dispensing Fees:

Clinics providing this specialised treatment collaborate with partner pharmacies for medication dispensation, the pharmacies may charge a small dispensing fee of approximately $45, every 2-4 weeks. They will reach out to you for your credit card payment details. This fee is determined independently by each pharmacy and is not affiliated with GoodMind Therapeutics.

We are committed to providing exceptional care and support to every patient, tailoring our services to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

*ARTG ID 311827

What is psychedelic-assisted therapy?

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is a type of treatment that involves psychotherapy alongside the administration of a psychedelic compound that is prescribed by an authorised psychiatrist in an appropriate medical setting.

The goal of psychedelic-assisted therapy is to help address emotional obstacles and long-term problems expediently by utilizing the psychedelic journey, rather than spending months or years in talk therapy slowly working through them. The psychological support element of the therapy is facilitated by multidisciplinary care teams, including clinical psychologists and psychotherapists.

However, only certain psychiatrists, registered under Australian law and given regulatory authorisation, will be able to prescribe the psychedelic medicines.

These psychiatrists will also need permission from a human research ethics committee that ensures the treatment protocol is appropriate for the patient and the required safety measures are in place.

Patients won’t be able to use the medicine without the supervision of their psychiatrist, nor will they be able to take the medicine with them.

Preparatory session

Building mutual trust with the psychotherapist, establishing processes of practical and interpersonal support in preparation for the dosing session

Dosing session

An authorized psychiatrist administers a measured dose of the psychedelic substance in a strictly controlled medical setting to the patient with an eligible mental health condition.

Integration session

In subsequent integration sessions, patients are facilitated by the therapists to explore and interpret the contents of their psychedelic-assisted experiences. This may include identifying insights or interpreting ideas or sensations that arose during the psychedelic session.