All within a legal and tightly controlled medical setting

What is GoodMind?

GoodMind is the pioneer in Australia’s psychedelic therapy space. We are collaborating with top scientific research centres and universities to offer eligible patients legal access to treatments.

GoodMind is conducting an open label clinical trial to demonstrate the feasibility of psychedelic therapy and establish the framework for psychedelic therapy clinics in Australia.

GoodMind’s care team includes authorised psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

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Considering new mental health options

How does Psychedelic Therapy work?

Psychedelic-assisted therapy harnesses psychotherapy alongside the administration of a legal psychedelic compound.

The therapy team and the patient spend time prior to the psychedelic experience exploring the patient’s reason for coming, history, symptoms and any questions they might have.

While psychedelics remain illegal for recreational use, two separate compounds are legal in Australia if prescribed by an authorised psychiatrist, in the appropriate controlled medical setting, and for specific mental health conditions that are difficult to treat.