Introducing an Innovative treatment option for Treatment-Resistant low mood

GoodMind Therapeutics is able to offer a cutting-edge treatment option utilising a new nasal spray, recently registered on the ARTG, for eligible patients facing treatment-resistant symptoms.

This progressive therapy may offer hope to patients who have tried two or more oral antidepressants in their current episode of low mood or feelings of despair without experiencing the desired relief.

Eligible patients embarking on this journey will undergo a structured screening and treatment program, comprising three essential phases:

Induction Phase:

Over four weeks, patients will engage in 2 sessions per week to initiate their treatment journey.

Maintenance Phase:

Following induction, patients transition to a maintenance phase, attending 1 session per week for 4 weeks to sustain their progress.

Tailored Frequency:

As treatment progresses beyond the initial 8 weeks, the frequency of sessions will be individually tailored, occurring either weekly or fortnightly to accommodate the patient’s evolving needs while ensuring continued therapeutic response.

Under the careful guidance of our qualified medical personnel, patients will receive thorough monitoring throughout the administration of the intranasal medication post-treatment. For the safety and well-being of our patients, driving following treatment sessions is not permitted.

You must complete an initial screening with a Nurse Practitioner, and then a psychiatrist. The cost of the Nurse Practitioner screening is $149 and the Psychiatrist’s comprehensive screening and assessment costs $599. Medicare rebates are available to eligible patients with a referral. Initial and ongoing treatment is provided on a fee-for-service basis.

Screening form

By continuing you agree to the following:
  • Attend all scheduled appointments (unless canceled with at least 24 hours notice)
  • Ability to commit to an initial 12 week titration program
  • Initial month cost: $4706.56 to $6471.52 (dependant on dose adjustment).
  • Maintenance month (week 5-8) cost: Approx $2353.28 to $3529.92 (Assistance with some of the medication cost may be available, so please discuss this with your treating doctor)
  • Pharmacy dispensing cost: Approx $45 every 2-4 weeks.
  • Ongoing treatment (week 9+): Costs vary based on individual response and treatment plan, including approx $400 for each treatment and monitoring session for close medical supervision, administration, and risk management. (Assistance with some of the medication cost may be available, please discuss this with your treating doctor).

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