New frontier of treatment options for mental health

At GoodMind Therapeutics, we combine the latest advances in mind-expanding medicine with leading evidence-based care, in a supported and integrated psychotherapy treatment experience. 

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We are conducting nationwide patient eligibility assessments. 


Join our community of clinicians, psychologists and psychiatrists. We are building the clinical infrastructure to deliver new treatments to patients throughout Australia.

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Nothing happens without research. GoodMind collaborates with scientists, universities and other organisations to create the legal, research and business infrastructure of this new frontier of mental health. Join us in being one of the first contributors.


GoodMind is conducting an open label clinical trial to demonstrate the feasibility of this mind-expanding psychotherapy treatment and establish the framework for such clinics in Australia. Register to learn more about the study or for treatment eligibility assessment.


The time is now to get your foot in the door of this massive untapped opportunity.

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The GoodMind clinic offers:

  • The latest advances in consciousness-expanding medicine with leading evidence-based care, in a supported and integrated psychotherapy experience
  • A specialised treatment centre offering therapy for certain mental health conditions for eligible patients
  • Therapeutic dosing in a carefully controlled medical setting

GoodMind has a clear mission

“To provide new treatment options for the millions of Australians that suffer from mental health conditions. Our goal is to help individuals overcome their challenges and live more meaningful, fulfilling lives. 

We believe that therapy using mind and consciousness-expanding medicine can be a powerful tool in achieving this goal, and we are proud to be a part of this emerging field of work and to actively contribute to the body of clinical research.”

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